Hello Atithi offers various services to foreign tourists visiting India. These services include visa assistance, resolving safety and health issues, journey research and planning, personalized journey plans, limitless alterations to journey plans, Indian SIM cards, Indian (NRO) bank accounts (pay as local), basic Hindi language learning, unbiased information, and 24/7 journey support all over India.

The subscription fee for accessing Hello Atithi’s services is $4 per day (Upto 4 travelers) during your stay in India.

Yes, Hello Atithi will assist you in obtaining an Indian visa.

Hello Atithi provides assistance in resolving safety and health issues during your trip to India. They also offer unbiased information and personalized journey plans to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Yes, Hello Atithi provides personalized journey plans based on your interests.

Yes, the journey plan can be altered during the trip, and there is no limit to the number of alterations allowed.

Yes, Hello Atithi will assist you in obtaining an Indian SIM card and opening a local bank account to pay as local. This is included in the India Readiness Kit.

Yes, Hello Atithi provides basic Hindi language training to you if you wish to learn it.

Hello Atithi will assist you in availing various travel-related services without paying commission to third-party vendors, which sometimes goes up to 30%. We also help minimize the commission on various other services.

Yes, the 24/7 journey support is available throughout India and provides various kinds of support such as resolving travel-related queries, emergency assistance, coordination with local authorities. and help you make informed decisions during your trip.

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